Follow following steps to Restore you ghost image.

Steps to install/restore ghost image is as under:

(Start from step 6 in Post "WINDOWS 7 GHOST IMAGE CREATION STEPS")

i) After Ghost starts go to "Local > Partition > From Image

ii) locate the ghost images you created for c drive and system drive (1st select image for system drive)

iii) Select your Hard disk from the list where you want to restore your image and press OK

iv) select your desired target partition e.g. "system" and press ok. go to next steps and restore the image on "system" partition. when completed repeat step i-iv for "C drive". 

v) restart your computer. Thats all restoring your Window-7 ghost.

(Note: you can restore C partion only. it will work.)


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  3. Hi, great post, congrats.

    But you should advise people to partition the target HD first, otherwise it will never work.

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